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Roadtrip to Tampa, Florida Aquarium, craft beer and more. Ep 172

In this week’s episode of I Know Jax we take a roadtrip to Tampa Bay, Florida. In this first part we visit the Florida Aquarium and I also ride a waterbike for the first time ever. It’s a great way to see Tampa from the water. We also talk about upcoming events, and visit Intuition […]

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What’s Happening in August


Fun Things To Do in August

School is starting and fall is in the air, not literally of course. It's still Summer in Florida, but Football season is kicking off, and it's time for tailgating, … [Read More...]

Fun Things To Do

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Two Dudes Seafood, School Start and more. Ep 171

In this episode of I Know Jax we visit Two Dudes Seafood in Atlantic Beach. This restaurant is known for its fresh seafood, and Joe goes to the kitchen to find out exactly how it is all done. He also tries an enormous dessert, the Strawberry Longboard. You … [Read More...]

Hemming Park Beer Festival_Logo

Hemming Park Beer Festival

Hemming Park is hosting it's first beer festival, and this looks like a great warm up event to get ready for Octoberfests. The event takes place on Saturday, August 15, 2015, but get your tickets now. This event includes unlimited tastings of more than 160 … [Read More...]


Meet Courtney Lewis

The Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra has had a long history of hosting some of the world's most celebrated artists. Since 1949 musicians like Benny Goodman and Duke Ellington have taken their place on stage beside the orchestra, adding a strong foundation to … [Read More...]

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