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Taverna Yamas

I Know Jax Episode 0098

In this episode of I Know Jax Joe is going on an adventure. First up, he visits Taverna Yamas in Tinseltown to find out about greek food and culture, and we get a preview of the place where we’re having our 100th celebration. Joe is also talking to one of the organizers of North Beaches [...]



I Know Jax Mobile Magazine

This year we're preparing for the launch of our newest project - the I Know Jax Mobile Magazine. Actually, to call it a "magazine" is not correct, this project is not like any publication you've seen before. The I Know Jax Mobile Magazine is a multimeda magazine consisting of a mix of videos, text, … [Read More...]

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the winner of the basket

Thanks for celebrating with us

March 27th was a big day for us. First and foremost, this is the week when I Know Jax turns 100! We’re airing episode 100 of our local TV show on Saturday at 9.30 PM, and this is a huge milestone. Every year on March 27th it is also National Joe Day, … [Read More...]


Fun and Creative Ideas for Date Night

This week I met up with local author, Shelley Marsh, who was inspired to write the book "Fifty First Coast Dates" following her own search for a more creative date night. “My husband and I have always committed to our weekly date night, but we … [Read More...]