Jacksonville Sharks vs. Tampa Bay Storm

Trailing 43-38, Sharks quarterback Aaron Garcia found Sale’ Key on a short touchdown pass, and Bernard Morris ran in the two-point conversion to make it 46-43 Sharks with 36 seconds to play.




Taverna Yamas

I Know Jax is having a party

We are getting ready to celebrate our 100th episode, and this is an impressive milestone for a weekly, local TV show – so it calls for a huge party! This time, we’re going to have our big bash at Taverna Yamas in Tinseltown. This is a great greek restaurant with zorba dancing, napkin throwing, belly [...]

basketball finger spin - Harlem Globetrotter - Scooter Christensen

I Know Jax Episode 0096

In this week’s episode of I Know Jax, I get to meet Scooter from the Harlem Globetrotters. He has a really unusual story about how he became one of the world famous Globetrotters, and he also shows me how to make a ball spin on my finger. Upcoming Events in the month of March We [...]

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