Jacksonville Sharks host Orlando Predators in round one of Playoffs

This game has all the makings of an instant classic between the two rivals. Though only 140 miles (driving) from Amway Arena, the Sharks will clearly have home field advantage on Sea Best Field.
These two South Division rivals have faced each other twice this season. The two games were extremely similar but with opposite results. The first contest, was the first home game in Sharks history. With over 11,000 in attendance, and thousands more watching on NFL Network, the Sharks got their first taste of home blood winning 57-31. The game featured Aaron Garcia going 21-of-29 for 206 yards and 6 touchdowns, Jomo Wilson the recipient of 3 of those touchdowns. Kirby Griffin would score 2 rushing touchdowns on 3 carries. The highlight of the game was T.T. Toliver’s touchdown catch over the wall – a catch which was featured on ESPN’s top plays. The second match up opened the game with a 22-2 run by the Predators. The lone points by the Sharks came from a blocked PAT by linebacker RaJohn Myles that would be returned by back-up quarterback – and starting Jack Linebacker – Bernard Morris. The Sharks allowed 70 points to be scored by an opposing for the first and only time this season.

Click here to watch the video from the game Jacksonville Sharks vs. Spokane Shocks

Click here to see the interview I did with Head Coach Les Moss, Jacksonville Sharks.


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